Walk With Me

     Take my hand. Do not be afraid. I will forever walk beside you. I promise you, I will not ever let go. As we walk together, the road ahead may not always be radiant. It may also not always be well lit, but I can promise you that it will always be safe. You never need to worry that you will fall because I will not let you. You do not ever need to be afraid of the darkness because true love radiates light.

     Walk with me into forever. The map shows beautiful things ahead. A journey created for just us two. A destination only we know how to reach. I could not face this road with any other person in the world. We were made to walk with one another. You compliment me and bring out my best. You make the sunny days even brighter. The beautiful things we come across seem even more beautiful. You make the rainy days not so gloomy. The clouds that roll in seem a little less intimidating with you by my side.

     Since the day that we met you have promised to protect me and keep me safe. You can trust that I will always do the same for you. I will not ever let anything hurt you. I will push the clouds away when they roll in. I will be your umbrella in the rain. You can feel safe in knowing that I will always be here. I am not going anywhere without you because we share a map in life. This journey was created for the both of us.



     The wind brushes through my hair and the air smells of roses. I find myself in a whirlwind of emotions. Your eyes staring into mine. Your skin feels soft like a fresh fallen snow, but warm like a mid-summers day. The look on your face radiates love and engulfs me in feelings indescribable with words. 

     My mind races in spirals… soaring up into the sky. My heart beats fast like the rain on the roof top. Your eyes glisten like the moon on the lake. The sound of your heart beat is my lullaby. The warmth of your arms are my blanket. You rock me to sleep in the way only you can and only you ever will. 

     The candlelight illuminates your face. I find myself lost in a dream of red cotton. The night terrors of the past- seize to exist when I lay next to you every night. The comfort that surrounds my body feels like home. I lose my insecurities and gain a love that’s found in stories. 

     I fall into your eyes; being pulled by your words. I crave to be closer to you then is possible. I want nothing more then to melt into you. I find that my mind is spiraling out of control with these thoughts. Spinning faster and faster- dizzied, but focused on you. I’m completely lost, yet completely home. 


     There’s a strange sense of magic in the way you look at me. With a simple glance comes a wave of emotions too strong to describe. The love that flows from you to me is like a beautiful lullaby…bringing instant peace over me. All of my fears both past and present are vanished from my mind. It is as if they were never there at all. I am thrust out of the darkness and into this new world you have created for me. I feel as though I’m drowning and I do not ever want to be saved.

     I wait for a feeling to tell me that this is all too good to be true yet, it never comes. My reality is staring me in the face. This perfect love that I see in those deep brown eyes is mine to hold close forever. Fate is such a beautiful thing when it is carried out. There is nothing more beautiful in my eyes then simply looking you in the eyes and seeing the love resonate.

     I try time and time again to flow the words out of my mouth. The words that pour out never seem to be adequate. If I could, I would let you into my mind. I’d open the door, and let you dive into the ocean you’ve drowned me in. Perhaps if you felt the waves for yourself, you could truly understand just how much I love you. No amount of words, material belongings, or kisses in the rain can ever compare to my true emotions. I know that you know that I love you… I just want you to see the full effect.

     How do I describe something to you that is indescribable? This love that I have for you is truly heaven-sent. How else could have I drowned in you right when I had reached the edge of my cliff with full intent of jumping off… Words are at a loss. My sweet saving grace. My wall breaking wave. My beautiful swaying sea. When you look at me, I’m wrapped up in my comfort blanket knowing that this is truly a tide that will never fade out.


A life giving emotion
A poetic written song
A forever lasting promise
To last a whole life long

An everyday affection
A blessing from above
A taste that lingers on your tongue
That’s sweeter then a dove

A constantly on your mind
A give more then a take
A worth it prize
That takes some work to make

A treasure shared between two souls
A kiss you can’t forget
A fever your infected with
That your body won’t regret

A magic that is heaven-sent
A joy that is unmatched
A bond sealed by God above
That can never be detached

A special sort of feeling
A partner and a friend
A someone you can count on
From now until the end

My Inspiration

     At the end of every day, I am always in need of an escape. The normal bustle of every day life can be exhausting no matter what the day brings. Every one has their own sort of personal therapy and mine is you. You are the thing that helps me forget the world and fall back into myself. A key that unlocks the door to the real me that I keep locked up during the day.

     You are my refresher, my reset button, so to speak. When I feel as though I am losing who I really am you are always there to remind me. You set my feet back on course. You set my mind back in creative mode and my thoughts you set on fire. You turn off my front and you turn on my inspiration. I could paint a gallery full of the love that you give me.

     The moment that your lips meet mine at the end of the day I feel as though my black and white world is lit up with color. You tap into my passions. You spark my inner fire. You are the inspiration for every aspect of my life. You are the thought that keeps me strong when I am feeling weak. You are what I look forward to when the day is feeling long.

     You inspire me to be the greatest person I can be. You bring out the best in me because you are my better half. My favorite place in the entire world is being alone with you. You are my inspiration and you inspire me to love you more and more as each day passes.

Your Love

     There is something spectacular about this love that we share. My feelings for you grow each and every day. Everyday I tell myself I could not possibly love you more and yet somehow I end up falling harder than I ever have before. Before I met you I was a tough code to crack. No one has ever been able to bulldoze the walls that I’ve built… No one until you. I fall in love with you again each day and I have only you to blame.

     You have a certain ora about you that is captivating to my heart. You capture my heart then, you cradle it with care. You know that it is a fragile prize that you possess. It has seen rough times before but, you specialize in binding my wounds. You cover them up with your love and affection so that they are invisible to the naked eye.

     I’ve never been a believer in myself. My confidence has always been short in supply. I had never thought of myself as beautiful until you told me that I am. You tell me that I’m beautiful everyday. It means the world to me, these simple words you say.

     You make me feel beautiful, loved, and truly safe. You have created a haven for my heart out of your love. It’s somewhere that I’m not afraid to fall. It’s somewhere that I’m not afraid to be myself. It’s somewhere that I know I can call home. Home should be a place that you are loved, comfortable, and that you never have to question. This is your heart for me.

The Best Thing

     Some things in life are harder to do than others. Some require a lot of thought.  Some require a lot of physical or mental strength. Some require a lot of money. I have heard people say that the best things in life are earned. That they take a lot of work to achieve or to hold on to… For instance, a job, a college degree, or earning a million dollars. I am not saying that I think those people are wrong because as the old saying goes, too each their own. All I am saying is that for me, the best thing in life, is the easiest to do.

     For me, the best thing in life, is getting to love you. Loving you is the easiest thing that I’ve ever done. It’s not a challenge. I don’t have to try to do it.  It comes naturally to me. Loving you is like second nature.

     I would best describe it as a privilege; my getting to love you.  It is like a gift from you to me that I get to re-open every morning when I wake up next to you. Making  you smile is what makes me smile.  There is no better feeling in the world then making your day because you are the best part of my day, everyday.

     If we were to wake up and all of our material belongings and accomplishments were to vanish, I would still be the happiest woman alive. I don’t need a million dollars. I don’t need a high paying job. I don’t need anything as long as I can have you. Some people may not say that is logical, but love is not logical. It is emotional and emotions are natural. That is why to me, the best thing in life comes naturally. The best thing in life, for me, is being able to love you.